Inter & transcultural communication

With my work I bring the theoretical discourse into practice.

I am moved by the question of how we can live constructively in an increasingly diverse world. As an expert in the psychology of communication, I have dedicated an important part of my professional development to the practical application of cultural processes in our daily lives. I have recently presented my own approach, in my book Transkulturelle Herausforderungen meistern.

I work with

  • Expatriates
  • cross culture kids and their families
  • international students
  • intercultural teams
  • global executives
  • and all those professionals who work with people of diverse origins

Responsibility for our individual and collective life practice

Many topics have increasingly concerned me in recent years, including diversity, social justice, inclusive leadership and social dialogue.

At home in cross-cultural communication

Cross-cultural communication has changed my way of seeing the world. Born in Hamburg, I have been living between Spain and Germany for more than twenty years. Along with my partner from Argentina, I have two children who grow up with three languages. I know first-hand what challenges come with a new beginning, what it means to raise cross-cultural kids, what it feels like to live in an international partnership and how many cultural misunderstandings we can come across at work. But above all, I continue to be amazed over and over again by the enrichment that cross cultural contact brings along.