Each coaching process is unique

because each person is unique. What you can expect is an approachable, dialogical, solution-oriented style as well as models and methods individually tailored to your needs; that will guide you through your own path of development and reflection to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching for personal and professional development

  • dealing with interpersonal conflicts
  • changing a pattern of behavior
  • developing new job perspectives
  • making difficult decisions
  • dissolving internal blockages and hindering beliefs
  • Improving personal stress management
  • learning to communicate better

Executive Coaching

  • managing conflicts between people and teams
  • knowing how to give feedback constructively
  • effectively managing across cultural differences
  • strategically preparing meetings and/or evaluations
  • strategically preparing meetings and/or evaluations
  • Stress management and burn-out prevention

Expatriate Coaching & Intercultural Coaching

  • coping with cross cultural acclimatization processes on a personal, professional and family level
  • understand cultural differences between home cultures and host cultures
  • Finding an individual, authentic and constructive way for navigating through cross cultural encounters
  • improving effective cross-cultural communication

Online vs face-to-face
.. both work. I like the short distances of face-to-face coaching; at the same time, I have made excellent experiences with online coaching formats for years.
You and your circumstances decide!